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RV Kitty Catwalk was inspired by Peaches & Skittles

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Kitty Catwalk in Orlando

We are full time RVers with two kitties & one small dog. The wife and I looked all over for a small Cat Tree / Cat Condo for our RV and all were way to big. So we  decided to make one and came up with what we call "RV Kitty Catwalk" Our cats love it. It provided our kitties with a playground, a place to sleep, exercise and something to scratch besides our furniture.

After posting pictures on our Facebook page & our RV parks page people were asking where they could get one. We had no idea we would be making them for other people in the park. Within a short time we were getting other RV parks in the area asking about them, so we decided to try and make a small business out of it.

We now make two versions RV Kitty Catwalk & Home Kitty Catwalk and are currently working on another product for RVs.

Unfortunately we can not make them and stock pile them as we have no where to keep them & the cost to make them, we have to make them to order for now.

All Hand Made With Care In The USA.

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About Us

Inspired by Peaches & Skittles